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Foolander: The Fool's Calendar 

FOoliSh GrEetiNgS frOM thE FOoLS GuiLD! This is the latest issue of the Foolander.

In this issue:
Sat & Sun, April 8 to May 21 - Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Irwindale
Sat & Sun, May 13-14 - Quartermaster, Irwindale
Sunday, May 21 - Banjo and Fiddle Contest/Pleasure Faire Film Project, Agoura
Monday, May 29 - Privy Council meeting, Pasadena
Thu June 1 to Sun June 25 - Hollywood Fringe Festival
Sunday, June 4 - Briton Ensemble, Altadena


The JOKER is Royal Honey Lulus 4th Joker
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Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area
Irwindale, CA

Weekends April 8 to May 21
10AM to 7 PM
626 / 969 - 4750

Renaissance Pleasure Faire


Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Sat & Sun, May 13-14


Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest
Pleasure Faire Film Project
Sunday, May 21, 11AM
Paramount Ranch, Agoura

The Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest will be at the Agoura Faire site.
We (Faire Ever - The Pleasure Faire Film Project in association with
Friends of Paramount Ranch created and hosted by Billy Scudder
and Richard Beard) will have a booth there - hopefully full of magical
mummery madness - celebrating the faire that was and introducing people
(banjo pluckers and park rangers alike) to the possibilities of a faire that could be.
All are invited to come out in costume and play. Judy Kory will be leading
some children in a workshop, Billy Scudder will be dressed like a magical bush
and ... um ... I will be there too.
I'm pretty sure, if there are enough of us, a parade is almost a guarantee.
Please come join us and add your frolic to the fun - and if any of you have
any ideas or bits you'd like to talk about or plan in advance,
I'm here for you
Love, Lelio

The booth at the Banjo and Fiddle Event is a way to reintroduce
and endear ourselves to those in charge of Paramount Ranch
and its usage (the park supervisors). Billy has been in conversation
with them regarding possibly building some permanent structures
and of having some form of the faire return to the land.
So us showing up with our energy and talent could lead to a great result.
And while we're there I know that Billy can explain much
better than I his vision of sharing our many stories on film.


Privy Council Meeting #1
In the reign of Archivus

Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day) 4PM
Andy Davis' backyard
803 E Villa St
Pasadena, CA 91101

All Fools in good standing (and also those that are not)
are invited to attend my first Privy Council meeting
and Memorial Day potluck party. Bring a bottle, or a dish,
mainly bring your sense of humor and your creativity
as we discuss and plan the upcoming events of the coming year.
Tentative plans are for a Midsummer's night event to celebrate
our Fool's Space at host Andy Davis' house on July 29 and a November
4 old-school Guild party tentatively called "Kingaroo Court".
The King is open to ideas for other events and Roves as well
as next year's Feast of Fools.
Join us! What better day for a party than Memorial Day?

Comments or questions, email King Archivus


Hollywood Fringe Festival
Thu June 1 to Sun June 25
Hollywood Fringe

Past Buck & Mug editor Kristy performs in:
The Edge of the Universe: a Magic School Bus Musical Parody
Magic School Bus


Free Spring Concert
Sunday June 4, 6PM
Altadena Community Church


Please send all announcements of parties, shows and other foolish
activities for inclusion in future Foolanders to MichaelKember
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