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Privy Council Meeting #1
In the reign of Archivus

Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day) 4PM
Andy Davis' backyard
803 E Villa St
Pasadena, CA 91101

All Fools in good standing
(and also those that are not)
are invited to attend my first
Privy Council meeting and Memorial Day
potluck party. Bring a bottle, or a dish,
mainly bring your sense of humor
and your creativity as we discuss and
plan the upcoming events of the coming year.
Tentative plans are for a Midsummer's
night event to celebrate our Fool's Space
at host Andy Davis' house on July 29
and a November 4 old-school Guild party
tentatively called "Kingaroo Court".
The King is open to ideas for other
events and Roves as well
as next year's Feast of Fools.
Join us! What better day for a
party than Memorial Day?

Comments or questions, email King Archivus

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You can find a list of Past Parties here.

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