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Coronation of the new King of Fools
At The Southern Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Date: Saturday April 22nd

We will open the pavilion
(top of the food court) for set-up at 10AM
and start Hosting the Fools soon after.
Bring a vessel, we'll provide the ice water.
The Royals will stagger in as they may,
but you are welcome to consider
it home base all day!

Perfect if you're mobility challenged,
the party right there by the lake &
the H/C privy is not too far.

Remember, we'll be on everyone's
camera so dress Foolishly and Colorful.
BTW So would it kill you to try for period?

Quick-footed Fools may watch
the Quartermaster's show
and dart back with them in
time for the parade launch.

Gather at the pavilion by 2PM
We step off shortly thereafter to find
and crown our New King of Fools!!
Join us!! We always love seeing you!

Fools can be done by the time the
Morgan Family Commedia
will be on the Royal Music Stage at 4:15
(a short walk west) and would love
Fools filling the audience!

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You can find a list of Past Parties here.

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