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The first Jokers from 1985
Joker. Volume 1, issues 1-4



Primo Neezaparte

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Nada Joker

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Q34DK007Dos Joker

Q34DK007Tres Joker

Q34DK007Quatro Joker

Bodacious Mini Joker

8.5 X 11
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Secondacious Bodacious Joker

Tredacious Bodacious Joker

Quadacious Bodacious Joker

Quintacious Bodacious Joker

  Quing Bijou Mini Joker

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  Bijou Precioux Deux Joker

8.5 X 11
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  Bijou Precieux Troisieme Joker

Royal Honey Lulus Mini Joker

Royal Honey Lulus 2nd Joker

Royal Honey Lulus 3rd Joker

Royal Honey Lulus 4th Joker

Archivus Mini Joker

Archivus 2nd Joker

Archivus 3rd Joker

Archivus 4th Joker

YaHuha Mini Joker

YaHuha Second Joker

YaHuha Third Joker

  Huggable Mini Joker

8.5 X 11
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Huggable Second Joker

The PDFs are up to 8MB.

Some Fools Guild videos:

2007 Halloween Great American Smokeoff
2007 The Serpentine Dance
2007 Bollywood New Year's Dance
2007 Fools Guild Bollywood
2008 Mooshu su and her Fan Dancers NYE Party
2009 Vlad Dracula's Halloween Birthday Party
2009 Ritual Sacrifice Vampire Tango
2010 The Pop Tarts at the Shagadelic A-Go-Go
2010 Atomic Leeks Revolution at the Shagadelic A-Go-Go
2010 Atomic Leeks Don't Bring Me Down at the Shagadelic A-Go-Go
2010 Crowning of King Good and Plenty

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